Linda Colley

Constitutional Investigations is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Linda Colley, the Shelby M.C. Davis 1958 Professor of History at Princeton University. Linda Colley is an expert on British, imperial and global history since 1700. After inspiring insights about Linda Colley’s teachers and professors who had a strong impact on her future career as a historian, this wide-ranging conversation provides a detailed examination of the global history and present state of constitutions and their impact.

This carefully-edited book includes an introduction, Knowing the Rules, and questions for discussion at the end of each chapter:

  1. Personal History – Grappling with identity
  2. Constitutions, Part 1 – Written and unwritten
  3. Constitutions, Part 2 – Use and abuses
  4. Implications and Applications – Legal ramifications, language and possible next steps
  5. Marching Onwards – The future of the past

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