Ideas Roadshow

Ideas Roadshow is an award-winning digital media initiative producing an extensive range of engaging content for a broad audience developed from filmed, wide-ranging conversations with a diverse array of top experts.

We’ve now held over 100 Ideas Roadshow conversations with leading experts, including 3 Nobel Laureates, across the arts, sciences, sports and games. From those conversations we’ve produced 120 separate books (one for each conversation which you can find below plus 20 five-part collections focused on a particular discipline) as well as over 1,000 videos in short, long and documentary-style “compilation” format.

All books are available through mainstream online book retailers, local bookstores and through library distribution platforms such as ProQuest and EBSCO.

Ideas Roadshow videos are accessible through Kanopy, Vimeo On Demand and by subscription to our award-winning database.

Below you can find a list of all experts who have so far. For details about the books and videos associated with each expert, click on the corresponding link below:

Available later this spring:

  • Charles Foster, writer and barrister, University of Oxford
  • Nile Green, historian, UCLA
  • Denis McQuail, former professor of communication, University of Amsterdam
  • Alfred Mele, philosopher, Florida State University
  • Eleanor Nesbitt, professor of religious studies, Warwick University
  • Onora O’Neill, philosopher, University of Cambridge
  • Julian Roberts, criminologist, University of Oxford
  • Lee Smolin, physicist, University of Waterloo & Perimeter Institute