Behind The Scenes

Howard Burton, the founder and creator of Ideas on Film, holds a PhD in theoretical physics and an MA in philosophy. He was the Founding Executive Director of Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI) from 1999-2007. During his time at PI, he also developed an extensive outreach programme for teachers, students and the general public.

His experiences at developing the research and outreach mandates of the institute were described in the book First Principles: Building Perimeter Institute, featuring a foreword by Nobel Laureate Roger Penrose. After his experiences at PI, Howard was engaged in a number of different writing and consulting projects, including working briefly as a fundraiser for UNESCO, which led him to write Burning Down UNESCO: A Guide to Innovative Fundraising.

In 2012, Howard started Ideas Roadshow, determined to use the power of digital media technology to make contemporary research ideas accessible to a broad general audience.   As of January 2021, over 100 in-depth conversations with leading international experts have been filmed for Ideas Roadshow.